Learn the skills, methodology, and personnel needed to perform and evaluate pharmacoeconomics research

Start | September 23rd, 2024

Duration | 8 to 10 hours 

Location | Virtual 

Fees | Member: $600 ; Non-member: $650

Registration Deadline | September 1st, 2024

About this Program

This online certificate program is designed for diverse learners, stakeholders and decision-makers in healthcare. The program will provide you the framework and tools needed to conduct and evaluate pharmacoeconomic research to help inform decision-making. A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the program after completion of a reflection.


By participating in this program, you will:

  • Acquire the fundamental understanding of the principles to articulate, work on, evaluate studies, and use these tools and information in practice and decision-making when needed.
  • Simplify a complex discipline and see the world of healthcare decision-making differently.
  • Apply the gained knowledge to allow the information generated through these analyses to be higher quality and more useful in practice.
  • Improve your abilities and confidence to understand, interpret, and critically evaluate pharmacoeconomics literature.

What you will learn

Module 1
 | Resource Allocation and Decision-Making

Module 2 | Outcomes Research and Pharmacoeconomics

Module 3 | Economic Analyses

Module 4 | Designing and Curating the Experience

Module 5 | The Pharmacoeconomics Canvas

All videos are self-guided, on-demand videos, which you can watch on your own time. Throughout the program, you will complete a number of milestones along with the program content. The milestones help you reflect on what you’ve learned in each module as you progress through the program.


The program is a completely self-paced online program - you decide when you start and when you finish. You will have access to the program starting on September 23rd, 2024. After the start of the program, you have unlimited access to this program until the last day.

Access to the Program

Members receive extended time and have access to the material for longer. 

The program is intentionally designed with limited access to prompt participants to learn and implement the material swiftly. This encourages participants to immerse themselves fully in the content and swiftly integrate new skills into their professional or academic pursuits. We aim to cultivate proactive learning habits and work to ensure participants can leverage their newfound skills effectively in real-world scenarios within a recent timeframe. The hope is that participants take action on what they’ve learned shortly after enrolling and completing the training. Please be mindful of the dates when enrolling. 

Non-members will have until November 11th, 2024 to complete the program to receive the certificate. ​ They will no longer have access to the program material after November 11th, 2024.

Members will have until November 25th, 2024 to complete the program to receive the certificate. ​ They will no longer have access to the program material after November 25th, 2024.

Please be mindful of all dates (open and closing of the program) when registering. 

Refund policy: Due to the format of our offerings (webinars, classes, coaching, courses, programs, workshops, bootcamps, bundles, events, and memberships), all transactions are final. No refunds will be issued.

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